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The Essential Dance Belt: Elevating Comfort, Confidence, and Inclusivity in Dance and Performance
The Essential Dance Belt: Elevating Comfort, Confidence, and Inclusivity in...
Embracing Diversity in Dance: Introducing the Brand New Shades Dancewear Ambassador Cohort 24/25
Shades Dancewear recently unveiled its highly anticipated Ambassador cohort for...
#newpioneer Uday. Our previous shade 'Ailey' will now be known as 'Uday' our newest signature shade

Meet ‘Uday’: Our Stunning New Signature Shade!

The Uday shade is named in honor of the legendary Indian classical dancer and choreographer, Uday Shankar. Our Uday shade embodies the vibrancy and grace that he brought to the world of dance and helps educate dancers in training about the diverse history of dance. Uday Shankar’s legacy of integrating Indian cultural elements with Western techniques has revolutionized the dance world, and we are extremely proud to celebrate his influence through our latest rebrand of the former shade Ailey.

A group of children sat laughing in a dance studio

Discover Shades Dancewear: Where Sustainability Meets Diversity

In a world where sustainability and environmental responsibility are more crucial than ever, Shades Dancewear is leading the charge in eco-friendly fashion. With our approval to use the World Land Trust’s (WLT) logo, we’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk—or rather, dancing the dance! Here at Shades Dancewear, we are proud to officially endorse carbon savings through our use of WLT’s ‘Carbon Balanced’ outer-packaging paper. This prestigious endorsement allows us to provide verifiable environmental records for carbon reporting and take immense pride in our commitment to one of the planet’s most sustainable initiatives.

Three dancers of colour sat on the floor in a dance studio looking and smiling at each other, sporting their matching skin tone shade of Shades Dancewear

Staying Motivated in Dance: Top Tips for Dancers and Performers

Dance is often a rollercoaster journey of passion, dedication and constant self-improvement. Whether you’re in the dance studio, at an exciting audition, training at performing arts college, or navigating the dance industry, staying motivated is crucial for all performers. This blog is brought to you by Shades Dancewear and aims to provide dancers and performers with practical strategies and tips to stay inspired, handle rejection, and embrace their individuality.

The TIRED Movement logo

Dancing Towards Equality with TIRED Movement

As part of Shades Dancewear commitment to support racial equity and representation in dance education, we at Shades Dancewear pledge to donate 10% of our profits towards the TIRED Movement and their long-term campaign to improve racial equality in the dance industry.

A dancer turning in the dance studio, wearing skin tone dancewear

Can I Wear Skin Tone Dancewear?

Embracing Diversity: The Importance of Skin Tone Dancewear. One of the most significant debates in recent times revolves around the question: Can I wear skin tone dancewear? The answer to this question should unequivocally be yes. Skin tone dancewear is not just a matter of preference; it’s a necessity for fostering and advocating for diversity and inclusivity within the dance community.

A screenshot of Shades Dancewear TikTok page. Follow us on TikTok @shadesdancewear!

Join the Shades Dancewear Revolution: Follow us on TikTok!

Are you ready to elevate your dance game and make a statement on the dance floor? Look no further than @shadesdancewear on TikTok!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve landed on TikTok Shop, and we’re inviting you to join us on this journey. If you’re passionate about movement, expression, and style, then Shades Dancewear on TikTok is your ultimate destination.

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