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Shades Ambassadors

What are the benefits of becoming a Shades Ambassador ?

Becoming an ambassador for Shades Dancewear will offer several benefits to dancers who are passionate about dance and diversity. Here are a few reasons why becoming a Shades Dancewear ambassador could be an exciting opportunity for you:

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Sofia McDonald

u201cSofia has been a Shades Dancewear Ambassador for a year now and has enjoyed representing Shades at trade events like Move It.

She has loved raising awareness of the different shades available to young dancers and loves her RAVEN shade.

Sofia has been selected to join the CYD? Dancestar Company for 2023 and looks forward to continuing to represent Shades Dancewear at the Dance World Cup and other events throughout the year.u201d

Jaxon Stewart

u201cI love representing shades dancewear as I now am able to wear dancewear that matches my skin tone and also my friends are able to too. It makes me feel proud to be able to support shades dancewear.u201d

Amiyah Josephs

“I support Shades Dancewear because it shows dancers of Global Majority that they are seen in the industry and that there is a place for us. Seeing dancewear in all sizes in multiple different shades with appropriate and powerful names means that you’re accepted as a Dancer.”

Ana-Lucia Gonzalez

u201cI love Shades Dancewear: I feel like myself when I wear tights and ballet shoes that are my skin tone match. When Iu2019m working with my other ambassadors, I feel so proud and strong. We are all being ourselves and embracing our ethnicity. No one is left out and I love that!u201d

Emma Lineham

u201cI love supporting Shades Dancewear as I love being able to share the joy of finding dancewear that suits my skin and I love seeing the change itu2019s making within the industry.u201d

Georgia Kongolo

u201cBeing able to get nude tone shoes and tights the same as every other dancer, gives me the confidence to perform at my best. I am so proud to be a part of Shades Dancewear.u201d

Josiah Treloar

u201cI love being a Shades Dancewear Ambassador because I am proud to support a dancewear brand that caters for dancer with black and brown skin tones. It is so important for dancewear to become more inclusive and easily available to dancers with darker skin tones. One day I would love to see all dancers being able to go into any dance shop and be able to buy the shade of dancer wear to suit them no matter their skin colour. With the right dancewear, all dancers with darker skin tones will be able to feel more confident and comfortable when performing. Every dancer deserves to look and feel good about themselves in their dance wear regardless of the skin they are in.u201d

Parys St Clair

I support Shades Dancewear as I believe everyone should be able to easily access dancewear that matches their skin tone perfectly without having to settle for the nearest thing they can find. It’s important for dancers to be able to express their true selves and be as confident as they can be. Having dancewear that matches my skin tone helps me to be more confident in class which overall helps me to perform to the best of my ability.

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