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Who are Shades Dancewear?

SHADES dancewear is an inclusive UK brand that allows dancers to retain their identity and embrace their ethnicity from the minute they step into their first dance class.  We believe SHADES dancewear will revolutionize the way dancers of all skin tones view themselves, in a space that has yet to fully acknowledge inclusivity.

SHADES dancewear is the first UK dance brand to provide four shades of skin tone in all of their products in all child and adult sizes.  We are also the first brand in the globe to offer dance supports in four shades too.

In a space where the  market  is saturated with dance brands that cater for only the few, SHADES dancewear is for the many.

Support the movement for change and embrace SHADES today, If you would be interested in becoming a SHADES Ambassador, please fill out the form on the Ambassador page.

What we stand for?

Our Philosophy

Shades inspire individuals to be inclusive, reactive, and supportive of one another. Allowing people, businesses, and organisations to understand and appreciate the stories and experiences of one another.

The world is a rainbow full of many colours and all shades should radiate and dance through life. Value and trust are the heartbeat of our vision and a celebration of the diverse world that we live in.

Our Values

Collaboration and Passion

We are dedicated to ensuring that every voice is heard, and every challenge faced will be addressed with empathy and compassion.

Dedication and Compassion

We collaborate with partners and stakeholders, to continually drive the changes with passion and engagement.

Innovation and Inclusion

We are innovative and inclusive, ensuring diversity of thought through motivating mindsets and embracing perspectives.

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